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McLaren speedtail new car, a pure fusion of science and art in automotive outline. The Speedtail is McLaren’s first ever Hyper-GT. Thus, It is the most aerodynamically well-organized car ever. So, it brings together extraordinary levels of innovation and sophistication to create a new standard in automotive design.

Its iconic three seat configuration puts the driver centre-stage – and a jaw-dropping elongated body makes it as much a work of art as a masterpiece of technology. It is McLaren’s brand new competitor to the Ultimate Series. This is the Speedtail.

Beauty and The Beast

McLaren’s design tune, the design is one of pure, streamlined elegance. Comes out of the single-minded vision to create the most aerodynamically efficient car ever, there is an endless flow of air from nose to tail.  But the dramatically elongated tail is as diverse in the automotive world as the Speedtail’s unbelievable velocity. With a host of innovations, the design minimizes all unnecessary shut lines. Well this creates an outline so sleek it seems chopped from a single form. With bird eye view, the car has a characteristic teardrop shape. The most speed-efficient natural form, as seen in high velocity birds and fish. It channels air in a seamless, uninterrupted way. Seen from the side, the Speedtail’s strikingly sleek outline ends in the elongated tail.

Well no other hypercar puts the driver center-stage in the way the Speedtail does. The central seat provides a perfectly balanced view of the cabin and an uninterrupted view of the road ahead. In a same way,the Speedtail’s interior is placed for driver ease and betterment. Similarly the controls placed in an overhead console, with a rear-view camera screens located in the windscreen.The glass on the windshield is unique, the top section is electro-chromic, and is able to be dimmed at the push of a button. This gets rid of the need for sun visors.

It is the fastest McLaren road car ever, with a top speed of 403kph.  While its 1,050 hp aids such stunning acceleration that the car-maker is quoting acceleration figures not in 0-to-100 kph, but rather 0-to-300 kph, a figure that it will hit in a mind-blowing 12.8 seconds. Finally, Like the F1, McLaren will only build 106 examples, each starting at $2.24 million.