The Puma Smartwatch is a smart sporty debut into the smartwatch market for the sports fashion brand. Though it lacks the RAM you’d expect for the price, and there are cheaper ways of getting the same features, but that does not mean it’s entirely without any advantage. Here is a complete review of Puma Smartwatch.

The first mutual smartwatch enterprise between Puma and Fossil has a predictably boring name: the Puma Smartwatch. But does that dryness also appears in the nature of the watch?

Review of Puma Smartwatch

Finally, the Puma Smartwatch plays it very reliable. It’s still an attracting enough watch, as it carries all the features that those who exercise daily will fancy, but it doesn’t allow much extra on top of that.

Review of Puma Smartwatch

Design and Display

The Puma Smartwatch is a watch that is both slender at only 11mm thick, yet also has a bezel that makes it look heavy and competent in preventing it from scrapes and damage.

Design and Display of Puma Smartwtch

Depending on your preference of color scheme, the bezel can be very prominent, with the Yellow/Black alternative being especially intense. Coupled with the silicone band, it’s almost a Fisher Price ‘my first watch’ style. Fortunately, you can switch out the strap quickly – that’s all the better, as we noticed the strap that comes with it slightly annoying.

Specifications of Puma Smartwatch

The 44mm watch face is a generous size for looking at to check, with its 1.19-inch AMOLED display looking bright and attractive, no matter what the brightness conditions may be.

There’s a Puma logo on the strap and an even tinier Puma logo on the rotating crown (which can be used to navigate the interface), but that’s it in terms of labeling. It’s a bit of a missed chance for enthusiasts who want to promote their brand association.

Review of Puma Smartwatch

Specs and Features

Like other Fossil watches of modern, such as the Michael Kors Access MKGO, the Puma Smartwatch uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset, which is the most recently-released smartwatch chipset from Qualcomm and the best you’re expected to find with Wear OS.

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It also has 4GB of storage and a small 512MB of RAM, less than the Fossil Gen 5 which is available for a similar price.

Features-wise, there’s built-in GPS, heart rate monitoring, waterproofing up to 5ATM, Google Assistant support, and support for Google Pay, as well as synchronizing with your phone to display notifications. Standard stuff by now with any Wear OS-based smartwatch.

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Like other Fossil-made watches, Spotify comes automatically installed, but don’t count on a solid speaker here. The Puma Smartwatch has a microphone for Google Assistant control but can’t broadcast audio, so you can only use it to command Spotify rather than hit tunes straight from the device.

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Fitness Tracker

Don’t rely on good GPS support here when unpaired from your phone. The Puma Smartwatch’s location-finding is rather terrible and takes a few minutes for the watch to get a signal unless it’s paired with your phone.

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That’s the most significant trouble for a sports-focused smartwatch that otherwise meets all the common goals courtesy of a sweat-proof silicone band and the typical bevy of Google Fit abilities. At least the heart rate monitoring is much reliable compared to other watches.

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Battery Life

The Puma Smartwatch is much standard with battery life. Expect about 24 hours but not much more, unless you switch it to basic watch mode, which slightly reduces the performance of a smartwatch but will take you out of low-power trouble.

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Price and Release Date

The Puma Smartwatch was released in November 2019. It’s currently universally available with a suggested retail price of $275/£249 (around AU$405). The Puma Smartwatch comes in three color schemes – Rose Gold/White, Black/Grey, and Yellow/Black. Expect prices to vary slightly depending on your selected color option.

Review of Puma Smartwatch
Puma Smartwatch price