Plant-based meat products are more prevalent than ever before, with the fast-food industry, grocery stores, and emerging restaurants coming on board. A modern Nielsen report discovered that plant-based meat alternative buying went up 279.8 percent last week after Americans were directed to stay home during the novel coronavirus pandemic. After we told you start eating bugs if you want to live beyond 2050, here is what Impossible CEO claims to make meat.

Impossible Foods, an organization that produces plant-based meat goods, announces its purpose is to eventually replace the necessary meat industry completely, saying that, from a mission viewpoint, a sale only has meaning if it comes at the cost of the sale of an animal-derived good.

Impossible CEO Claims to Make Meat

But what if plant-based meat wasn’t just a replacement for an already-existing marketplace, and rather, it began to make meat that has never existed?

Impossible CEO Claims to Make Meat

In a podcast this week, Impossible Foods CEO Patrick Brown speaks about how this impossible meat could be a probability in the future, even if it doesn’t make sense for the firm right now.

Below is a gently adapted excerpt from the discussion.

Right now, you’re in the business of substitutes, right? Substituting for ground beef, you’re a better product. You think it’s better for the environment. You think it tastes just as good. You’re doing it with pork. You could make novel meat, right? Is that something you’ve thought about? Making something completely different than any other meat that’s currently on the market?

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Patrick Brown said that it’s something that’s been on their mind and working on. And certainly, in the way of discovering the flavor chemistry and compositions and meat and so forth, they know quite very much about the contrast between pork and beef and other meats from animals.

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Why haven’t they done that? Because it gets back to their purpose. A sale to them has a benefit from a purpose viewpoint, only if it comes at the cost of the purchase of an animal-derived product. And the most reliable method for them with their current position — a lot of people don’t know about them hardly hearing about them — the most manageable idea to do to increase the probability that their sale costs a sale to the animal drive meat industry is to very consciously maintain the identical niche.

Impossible CEO Claims to Make Meat

So in order to progress in that part of their purpose — which is that their sales come at the cost of the incumbent business — right now, it makes sense for us to make goods that are readily recognizable as one-for-one substitutes for an animal-derived good.

So how close are they to making a ribeye steak, to making a short rib? Things like that, which are generally more difficult for the plant-based merchants to make?

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It’s surely something we’re working on. We would say, in common, when we talk about how close are we? We don’t know how close we are until we get there. And then we can say how close we were. But you know, it’s a project that we are working on. There is still a lot of advancement underway. And there’s no doubt in our understanding that it’s happening. But we’re not so positive ready put an exact date on the calendar.

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