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Everything Apple Announced at Time Flies Event

Everything Apple Announced at Time Flies Event

Surprisingly, Apple didn’t reveal any of its latest upcoming iPhones on the most awaited event but it still had lots of new devices to announce. These include two new Watch models and an iPad Air that highlights a unique design....
Everything You Should Know about the Twitter Bitcoin Hack

Everything You Should Know about the Twitter Bitcoin Hack

In the afternoon on July 15th, a hacker (or a team of hackers) got access to a series of Twitter accounts owned by Bitcoin fanatics, businesspeople, and exchanges. Upon getting the access of those accounts, the hackers tweeted messages declaring...

Apple Launches New Products! The Event

Apple launches its new products. And at event Apple introduces many of new products including the new iOS 12.2. Apple introduced TV Plus with two original Oprah series at its keynote today, as well as Apple News Plus, Apple Card, Apple Arcade, and more channels on Apple TV. Here are highlights from Apple launches its new products, watch the video about the products.

Apple announces Apple Card Credit Card

Apple announced some new expansions beyond its hardware product line. And one of its more determined offerings is the new Apple Card credit card. Well the card is more than just physical one. Apple Card is designed to be incorporated...

Apple’s New iPad Air and iPad Mini! Refreshed Models

Apple just gave you a couple more options: the long-neglected iPad Air and iPad Mini lines have been given new models for 2019. It bringing with them faster internals and Apple Pencil support. Apple’s new iPad Air and iPad Mini...

Apple promoting Apple Music by using push notifications

Well promotion is the best thing or toll to attract the news customers and biding the old ones. That’s why Apple promoting Apple Music by using push notification by bending its rules. For such a wave of Apple Music notifications...

Apple with innovative ideas in this HomePod patent

Apple has an idea for a future HomePod patent that would offer an emoji version of Siri and LED lights. It is reported that it can give many information from weather to everything you like. Not only is that it...

Apple’s next AirPods are with ‘Siri’ voice commands

Apple’s first beta for iOS 12.2 contains an AirPods hardware refresh. As reported, the beta includes a setup interface for “Hey Siri” that mentions hands-free voice commands on AirPods. Apple has discovered a new setup screen for the wireless earbuds...

What is Wrong with IPhone XR?

Well the Apple has launched its iPhone XR three months ago. But it seems people and most of the experts are saying badly about the iPhone XR. So, it order to know what is wing with iPhone XR, just click the video.

How Durable and Repairable Your Phone Is?

Well around the world, millions of people have bought the phones. And they bought it without knowing the how durable and repairable their phone are.  So, it’s time for the Smartphone Durability, and repair ability. There were so many cool phones released this year. From dual screens, to motorized cameras, but which phones can we trust to be the most durable?